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First, thank you for visiting my site!!!

I’m Richard, a photographer living on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina in Kill Devil Hills with my wife JoAnn and man’s best friend, Buddy.  

My lifelong passion for photography began many years ago in high school when I built a dark room in my parent’s garage. From that time, photography and the study of light has played a major role both in my personal and professional life. For 21 years I was a research scientist for NASA where I was able to travel around the world taking pictures of many incredible sites and people. In 2008 I left NASA to become a researcher and professor at East Carolina University where I continued to both teach and learn about light. After ten years at East Carolina I retired from academia in 2018 to where I am today, pursuing photography full time.  

I’ve always been a “generalist” when it comes to the types of photos that I enjoy taking. I just love the sound of the shutter! My passion is to first visualize and then work to “capture a moment that preserves an important memory.” I do however, most enjoy shooting sports, especially baseball, where being on or close to the field of play is such an exciting experience.

So please take a moment or two to look at my photos on this site – I hope that you’ll enjoy them and I'll get to capture some memories for you.



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